Darkhound Game Center's WPNQ's are Suspended until In store Play resumes in North America due to Covid-19.


In order to attend you must top 16 in one of the following Preliminary events:


-Preliminary: - $40 Entry - Top 16 Invite



Event Start: 12pm. Tardiness Enforced

6 rounds maximum

Decklist Required (download)

Judge: L1 (Daniel Rechtin) 


 -Preliminary: - $40 Entry - Top 16 Invite



Event Start: 12pm. Tardiness Enforced

6 rounds maximum

Decklist Required (download)

Judge: L1 (Daniel Rechtin) 



This means in order to participate in the WPNQ,  you will attend at a minimum 2 Events:

1.) At least One of the above Preliminaries, Make top 16, and

2.) The WPNQ on 

If you top 16 a preliminary event, you are not allowed to participate in another Darkhound Game Center preliminary event.



Event Structure:

Tardiness is enforced at 2 and 10 for our event, So please arrive on time.  

Judges will be present at all Preliminary events, and the WPNQ itself.

Decklists are required for all events, and must be turned in during the player meeting. If you do not have access to a printer, please arrive early and we will provide you with one to fill out. 


Preliminary Events:

Event Starts at 12pm, registration begins onsite at 11am

Decklists are required

Events will cap at 64 players

Format is STANDARD

A Judge will be present at the event

There will be a maximum of 6 rounds.

Top 16 will get the invite to the WPNQ - no other prizing

Top 16 will Not have a playoff - The tournament ends after the last round is played that determines top 16



Starts at 12:00pm

Decklists are required

Event will have 32 Players

Format is STANDARD

An L2 and L1 judge will be present at the event

You must have Pre Qualified by being in the top 16 of a Preliminary Event

5 rounds, Cut to Top 8

Please see the Prizing Structure section below for Prizing Details


Prizing Structure:

The prizing awarded for the Preliminarys is the invite for the WPNQ. All entry fees collected for the preliminary events go to the WPNQ prize pool. All players will receive the foil promo card, and the top 8 players in the WPNQ will receive a scaling cash prize (Detailed below, dependent upon attendance).

1st place of the WPNQ will receive the invite to the Players Tour (America) and 25% of the Prize Pool

2nd Place will receive 20% of the prize pool

3rd-4th Place will receive 15% of the prize pool (7.5% ea)

5th-8th will receive 8% of the prize pool (3.5% ea)




Event Location:


Darkhound Game Center

2840 Hwy 157N Ste#112

Mansfield, Tx 76063



General Q&A:


Why did you decide to hold preliminaries and not 1 large event?

 Based on the structure of the new WPNQ format, this works best for our location, and allows us to save on venue fees to allow for a larger prize pool.

Wouldn't holding it in a larger location allow for more players?

The invite to the Players Tour no longer includes travel fees. It is our hope, that with this prizing structure and event participation, that the first place will have enough winnings to cover their travel fees to the Players Tour. Renting a larger venue would significantly cut into the prize pool. If attendance becomes large enough, this will be an option. Until then, preliminaries it is! 


Doesn't this make it really hard for people out of town to participate?

Unfortunately, this may limit some folks that would have to drive twice if they win top 16 in the preliminaries. However, by running preliminary events, our rounds are able to 1.) Start at a later time and 2.) Cap at 6 rounds. This means that you do not have to arrive until 11:30am (Tardiness is enforced, so earlier is better!) and get to leave at around 6pm. This should allow most players to make a day trip, and not have to pay for hotels and other travel fees. We are also offering a preliminary event the same weekend as the WPNQ itself, for those who can make a weekend trip. 

If you would like to stay in a hotel, please click Here for a list of hotels in the area. 


What about the overlap with nearby events?

Unfortunately, schedules sometimes tend to overlap. We try to be accomodating, and provide the players with as many opportunities as possible to play Magic: The Gathering. 


Does that mean we Can particpate in multiple Preliminary events?

Yes! As long as you did not top 16 in a preliminary, you can participate in another to try again!


I have more questions!

No problem! We are happy to answer all questions. you can submit any questions you have Here